This program supports PIs leading teams working on transdisciplinary projects with substantial potential for producing highly competitive proposals in response to large-scale external funding opportunities within the next 2-5 years.

Boost is a cohort-based, six-month program that centers around priority university and funder themes and will nurture effective teams with structured activities and deliverables on topics such as Team Science, Broader Impacts, Community Engagement, and Strategic Planning. 

Each team accepted into the program will receive staff support from a research development professional and up to $75,000 to conduct activities such as preliminary research, gathering background data and information, holding team meetings, inviting speakers, and connecting with external partners including industry and community groups.   

What are the benefits and outcomes?

Teams accepted into the BOOST program receive:

  • Training and Skill-building from experts in Research Development, Team Science, Broader Impacts, Community Engagement, Strategic Planning, and Value Creation
  • Facilitated ideation, brainstorming, and team building sessions
  • Conceptual figures from a professional graphic designer
  • Connections to external partners 
  • Support in identifying relevant external funding opportunities 
  • 1-1 consultations with research development professionals
  • Up to $75,000 in funding for research and team development activities

Who should apply?

BOOST applications are open to teams of cross-disciplinary researchers that are working towards a research challenge that aligns within one of the Bold Challenges research themes for 2024: 

  • Advancing Human Health at Scale
  • Adapting to Changing Environments
  • Creating Sustainable Energy Innovations
  • Improving Lives through Next Generation Infrastructure
  • Building Trust and Strengthening Social Connections

Teams must be committed to cohort-based learning, attending in-person events, meeting regularly as a team, and completing deliverables throughout the program. 

Application Information

Applications for the Fall 2024 BOOST program are due May 13.

2023 Boost Cohort